Samstag, 5. Mai 2012

You are an Au Pair when...

  • everybody is greeting you with a "Hi! How are you!"
  • you spent all your money at the MALL and you still have NOTHING to wear
  • you say silly instead of stupid
  • you go to PLAYDATES
  • you've seen more movies in one month than in your whole life at home
  • you drive over 30 minutes to a friend and you think it's not far
  • you don't think it's wrong to have cake AND ice cream
  • you park as close to the store as possible so you don't have to walk even one yard too far
  • you notice yourself saying "GOOD JOB" a hundred times a day
  • you wonder why you slept the whole night long so uncomfortable and you notice the next morning, you slept on a barbie, a lollypop, sandtoys etc.
  • you're sure you don't want own kids within the next 100 years
  • you know now exactly how difficult it was for your parents to have little kids and you feel like saying sorry for all you've done to your mum and dad every day
  • you start to love disney movies again and can copy every passage of them
  • you are DRIVING to the busstop to pick up your kids, which is only 200 meters from your house
  • you think $160 every weekend just for shopping and coffee are not that much
  • you don't walk into the bank, you use the drive inn to get your money


  1. in diesem fall wohl eher:
    you start to love disney movies for the first time and can copy every passage of them ;-)